How to Setup a ROKU IPTV using the Web video caster

If you’re looking for a great IPTV service that’s going to perfectly work on your IPTV ROKU. Then you are at the right place.
Our IPTV service offers you more than 8000 channels from all over the world with several languages, and VOD are also included.
All you have to do now is to follow the steps shown by this tutorial.
P.S: It’s normal that you will have to wait only for 6 to 7 minutes. Because we propose a lot of VOD, that’s why it takes this whole time to load. Just stay tuned and be patient.
Also don’t forget to download Web Video Caster on your phone. It’s available for IOS and Android. And make sure that your RUKU and phons are connected to the same WiFi.
Step 1: Add M3U list to your phone
* Go to app store or CH player and download Web Video Caster.

* Make sure to add M3U list in this app.

* Then click on the three line botton and select IPTV section.

* When your IPTV section us chosen, enter in it your M3U list.

* Choose a name for your IPTV list section.

* Choose a device to cast to. And than select ROKU as your device.

Step 2: Loading Channel on ROKU
* Now you will see your list loading. And as we said before it will take a while so don’t worry about it.

* And finally, when the loading is done, you will be able to click on whatever channel you want to watch and enjoy it.