Refund Policy

When you buy any product or service from us you fully agree to this refund policy, in this page, you will find all you need to know about our refund policy/cancellation process.

How to ask for a refund?

First make sure you fully understand our refund policy explained on this page, if you have any technical issues don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team via email to help you identify the problem source.
to ask for a refund send a direct email to the following address: [email protected]
with the following information

1 – Your account username/password:

2 – reason for the refund:

Proof of the service not working for you even after talking to the support team: typically a screenshot or a video.

When we send refunds

all customers are eligible to ask for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase if they encounter a total blockage from the server-side. in other words, if the server was down and the customer support team didn’t reply

after the first 24 hours of purchase, we don’t send a full refund and you will be eligible for a partial refund for the next 7 days ( by extracting 40% as server expenses from the total payment ), after that, we can’t send any refund at any amount even if there were technical issues related to the server itself which our team does it’s best to make sure any downtime is to the minimum and you can enjoy your streaming without any interruptions.

IPTV relies on servers to deliver the stream, technical issues ( attacks on the server – updates – Maintenance.. ) are a normal part of it and they can cause a temporary blockage of the streams.

when contacting us our support team will let you know if there were any issues related to the server-side if not they will offer all the help to help you identify the problem source and fix the issue.

This refund policy doesn’t apply when

1- the issue is related to your setup and not the server-side: our team will contact you and provide proof of that.

2- you don’t have the requirements to stream IPTV ( VPN subscription, a Supported Device, and a fast internet speed )

3- when your ISP or a third party ( like your IPTV player ) is blocking the connection: ( we can’t hold the responsibility if we found that your ISP is blocking the connection and you don’t want to use a VPN. )

4- You just changed your mind and are no longer interested: each account gets reserved resources ( for the whole duration ) the moment you buy your subscription.

5- the account details email went to spam and you didn’t check with us first to resend it to you. ( sometimes the account details email will get blocked by your emails spam filters if you didn’t receive your account details after 24 hours of purchase send us a direct email to [email protected]

Asking for a refund after 7 days of purchase

due to the fact that we reserved resources for your account and you have been using our service for long enough, we can’t provide any refunds at all, but make sure to contact our support team via email anytime you have issues they will share all of their experience to help you fix any issues that are not related to the server-side.